Springtime Beauty

springtime beautyChanges are part of life. Infact, time, the seasons, our bodies, our age and our experiences, are continually evolving.

The philosophy of change, as the foundation of our evolution and connection between all human beings, has been described and defined in an admirable manner in the famous ancient Chinese book, The Book of Changes, or “I Ching”. Written more than 2000 years ago, this book links the principle of randomness with the principle of synchronicity.

What many scholars subsequently discovered by observing life, is still valid today. The Laws of Nature are always the same. Our duty to Nature is to study, to understand and to respect it so we can discover it’s resonance within ourselves.

In these changes, this extraordinary energy called Vital Force, has manifested itself, since the beginning of Life, as the Primordial Creative Energy inside human life and the Cosmos towards the ultimate form of perfection. This energy is constantly active in the healing action (it is most evident in the homeopathic healing process) and in all cellular processes involved in the construction and distruction of all living organisms.

The coming Springtime acts as a huge engine producing an explosion of Life Force, propelling creation towards renewal, re-birth, growth and transformation.
The precious Winter stasis has been useful to reinforce our physical, emotional and spiritual roots and to give us time to apply deep thinking to future projects. The Springtime, now, will give us the energy and enthusiasm to put these plans into action.

The passage between these two seasons is slowed down by what I call “the sediment” accumulated during the cold winter season on the physical and psycological level. Often people refer to this accumulation as toxins.

To get rid of this accumulation it is necessary to activate the emunctory organs (kidneys, lungs, liver, and skin) stimulating the metabolic processes and the blood circulation, the fundamental detox procedure. The sediments, sitting in the body’s tissues, will then be expelled and new springtime vitality will take place in our body and in our mind.

The concept is very simple: if you would like to see through your glasses or the windows of your house to enjoy the daily spring sunshine, you need to clean them. The same applies to our organs – if they are not cleansed, everything will appear opaque and dull.

All these changes involve the skin as well because of its detox ability and also because the skin is the “mirror” of what is happening within our body. Our skin and body share a lot of intimate, anatomical and nervous connections.

Our skin renews its epidermic layer every 28 days, the same number of days of a moon cycle, and the same number of days of a womans period (this is a fascinating similarity and I will explain it in more detail in a future article).

Spring is the perfect time to detox and nourish our skin . In fact, at the beginning of the spring the skin can show some signs of impurity and can have mild areas of redness, inflammation or dry patches.

What to do?

As always I suggest you work both from inside and out, following a detox program to get rid of the “sediments” stored in our organs and tissues. For my recommended spring detox regime, see the following posts:

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Dr Mariano Spiezia

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