12 steps for happy cleansing – inside and out

woman_apple_1First of all: Happy new year to you all!

The question is: what is happiness?

As a doctor I always wish to all my friends a “healthy” New Year knowing that without good health it is very difficult to be happy and enjoy what life offers us as a daily gift.

Hard to start January full of stamina and energy mostly used to cope with excess of food, sugar, alcohol and lack of sleep.

The more we eat or drink the more energy we spend on digestion and the excess of food often becomes fat that sort of clogs our system with toxins and debris. This is the reason for feeling sluggish, with a non-sharp-non-sparkle head and a dull, dehydrated skin.

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Dr Spiezia voted 25 top personalities in the industry

NYB top25-2015

Launched in October 2007, the Natural Beauty Yearbook is the natural beauty trade’s annual go-to guide for new trends, fresh perspectives and all the best ethical, organic, sustainable and Fairtrade products. 

Each year they award the Who’s Who in Natural Beauty which profiles the Top 25 personalities in the industry as voted for by retailers, manufacturers and industry consultants.

For the second time Dr Spiezia is award winner  in recognition of his commitment in creating the sustainable, innovative, effective and luxurious Inlight skincare products.

As the first person in the UK to achieve Soil Association accreditation for a skincare company, and with Inlight  the first UK brand to achieve the new COSMOS organic accreditation, we feel this is worthy merit for Mariano.  And with the plans that he has for 2015, we’re sure this recognition will continue!


Autumn-Winter beauty


I am passionately interested in observing the transformation that Nature goes through in its transition from summer to wintertime…

Everything starts to slow down; the colours change their brightness, the leaves start to become reddish, then brown, and then fall – returning to the soil where everything started… This is the eternal cycle of Life where, according to the Physic Law of Mass Conservation, mass is neither created nor destroyed, but only transformed.

What seems to be the beginning of the end is in reality only a rest for a new beginning later on, in spring time.

Autumn’s transmutation also begins to take effect in our bodies, with the withdrawal of vital energy from the outside in order to protect the important inner organs from the cold, in order to keep them warm. Consequently the skin becomes paler, with a reduced blood supply, becoming more prone lacking in nutrients, and possibly looking more flaky, dehydrated or aged.

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Organic pampering for sun-kissed skin

nj_medical_spa_ethosspa_by_gloriamckelvy-d5zroylAs you may know the skin is strongly connected with the brain, through millions of nerve endings. Every day an enormous number of messages are sent from the epidermis to the brain and spread into different areas, resulting in a chain reaction, including an emotional response.

Many of these messages stimulate memories from our childhood, when we were cuddled and when the sense of touch was extremely important; both to give us security and for the right development of the brain, character and body identity.

This is why the word “pamper” is often used in the skin care industry to describe the effect of cosmetic products, but actually, to be fair, many of these positive sensations come from the skin stimulation itself, when applying creams or oils. Of course, if the skin stimulation is done using top quality ingredients with beneficial effects, the final result is greater than the stimulation only, producing an amplified effect. The expression “pamper yourself” is therefore correct when describing the emotional/physical status provoked from the application of a cosmetic, especially if done in a specialised environment, such as a spa (or…your home spa!).

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Skin and Sun Protection

We all know how lovely the sunshine is, especially after long wintery grey days. Often we crave for sunlight because of its many positive actions on our life – such as helping to produce serotonin, (the happiness hormone), stimulating the immune system or converting Vitamin D into its active form, enhancing the health of our bones.

daisy for web














But sun protection is important for our skin’s health. During the summer the light is much more intense and we are at risk of over-exposure to UV rays: they damage the skin, oxidizing the epithelial cells (free radicals), making them prone to inflammation and the ageing process, altering their DNA.

 Another risk is the loss of water due to heat, sweating and swimming in the sea. Sea water with its high salt content dehydrates the skin: the skin becomes harder, less elastic and opaque.

Many recent discoveries identify in the carotenoids family the best free radicals “scavengers”: alpha, beta and gamma carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin: they can be taken orally or applied to the skin through good organic skin products.

Carrot, cherry, pomegranate and tomato juice are some great examples of best summer skin friends. The other family of naturally-occurring “friends for the skin” are the Essential Fatty Acids, particularly Omega 3 and Omega 6, but not forgetting Omega 9: these all keep the skin moist and soft, reduce damage from UV rays and make the skin glow: a wonder from Nature.

Skin and sun protection













The key to healthy, calm skin when it’s exposed to the welcome sunshine lies in looking after its natural lipid barrier, so underneath your daily SPF give your skin enough antioxidant protection to help neutralise free radical damage to the skin’s collagen.

Avoid soapy cleansers and harsh exfoliators and keep skin well moisturised and cool all day long. If your skin is very sensitive use a body oil even before the shower during the summer months to reduce stinging as the water hits your skin. Always shower with lukewarm water. Avoid exposure to direct sunshine between 11am and 4pm if you want to prevent skin irritation.

Add to your wash bag my Inlight Daily Face Oil, Body Oil with Arnica, Night Balm and Super-food Face Mask. Don’t go anywhere without them!

Dr Mariano Spiezia


Tackle the ageing process in style: Inlight Organic Supreme Eye Serum

At Inlight Organic Skincare, we believe that skin ageing is a normal, natural and inevitable process: everything in life follows this change and it is important to face it with positivity and honesty. If we observe the seasonal mutation we can see for example how after the flowers bloom in spring – synonymous with youthful energy- everything starts to decline in autumn, losing colour, vitality and hydration; heading off to winter time where the cycle seems to end.

By better understanding the reason behind the ageing of our skin and its physiology it may seem easier to prevent and treat what appears to be an aesthetic problem – but is not, as it is rooted in the ageing process of the whole body,

Ultimately the main problems as we grow older are dehydrated skin (due to loss of water) reduction of elasticity (due the inability of the fibroblasts to produce enough elastin and collagen), reduction in production of melatonin hence the skin can be more easily damaged by UV rays, and finally reduced production of sebum resulting in dryer skin. All these are endogenous factors, but there are also external and environmental factors such as pollutants, excessive sun exposure and bad habits such as poor physical exercise, junk food, alcohol and smoking.  The sum of all these factors produces a high level of oxidants (free radicals) that damage the DNA/RNA and proteins, resulting in a thicker skin and loss of elasticity.

The eye contour, with its delicate skin, is one of the most vulnerable areas thanks also to the continuous activity of the orbicular muscles as laugh, cry and squint in the sun, creating micro-wrinkles commonly known as crows’ feet. (In Italian these are called “hen’s feet” and I wonder if it is because Italian women are more exposed to the sun, so that we needed a bigger animal than a crow to express it?)

My response to this problem has been the formulation of an extraordinary product for the eye area: Inlight Supreme Eye Serum.

Inlight Supreme Eye Serum for product page

It took nearly two years of research and trials but in the end I found the perfect point where science and alchemy meet. A wonderful challenge!

I have chosen some of the best oils such as the exotic Argan and Wild cherry seed oil, famous for improving skin elasticity and reducing water loss, by creating a natural hydrolipidic barrier. To deal with the free-radicals I decided to include Spirulina algae and barley extract that both supply chlorophyll with their high anti-oxidant action, bringing life and solar energy into the skin. And finally to help the production of elastin I have added Gotu Kola and Horsetail extracts.

Inlight Supreme Eye Serum targets the most common causes of the skin ageing process, helping to nourish and replenish the skin and slowing down the signs of time.

With Inlight there are ways to extend our springtime! 

Before moisturising, apply one drop once or twice daily onto the area around the eyes, including the eye lids, massaging very gently until absorbed.

Dr M Spiezia 300x300

Dr Mariano Spiezia


Anti-ageing skincare for men

Inlight Organic Daily Face Oil 30mlInlight Organic Daily Face Oil – Dr Spiezia’s recommended product for use after shaving


When we talk about ageing, generally we think that this problem relates only to women…well, men get older too and nowadays there is much greater awareness because of the impact of man’s “image” in society: more and more often this is driven by exterior aspects and communication trends.


 It is important to take care of the skin, no matter the aesthetic or health reason behind it, simply because the skin is part of our body and, as a proper “organ”, needs attention.

I have also to underline that there are important differences between women and men’s skin due to the impact of the hormones, oestrogen and testosterone, on its characteristics: mens’ skin is up to 20% thicker and contains more collagen fibres making it more dense and resistant, but has less adipose content resulting in a reduction in softness and suppleness. Men are also more prone to the inflammation of skin follicles and acne. Another difference is the skin’s pH: men’s skin has a value of 4.5 (more acidic because of the higher lactic acid) whilst women 5.8. This preserves mens’ skin from bacteria but make it more prone to irritation and inflammation… without forgetting that when men shave daily they damage the skin’s protective hydrolipidic layer on the face.

All these, combined with the different hormone cycles, mean that in men the ageing signs come later in life but once they start they progress more quickly than in women and the lines appear deeper and more evident.

Maybe men start later in life, generally after 30, using skin care products but whatever the starting age this is an important step to preserve the quality of the skin especially if they live in polluted areas or are exposed to strong weather elements.

Inlight organic skincare can help men to achieve optimum results in preventing both skin inflammation and ageing, supplying the skin with many powerful botanical anti-inflammatory and natural anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene, Vitamin E and chlorophyll.

The Inlight Cleanser and Floral Face Tonic are a winning combination when used routinely every evening to cleanse the face from impurities and bacteria and then toning and refreshing it with the lavender and chamomile blended floral waters.

In the morning, choose silky, delicate Inlight Daily Face Oil as your after shave oil, as I do, to moisturise and nurture the skin, ready for another beautiful, successful day.

Dr Mariano Spiezia 

Dr M Spiezia 300x300

Barley grass and wild cherry – two of our star ingredients!

Dr Spiezia writes:

Today I am writing about two more star ingredients in the newly launched Line Softener Intensive Formula for smooth, radiant and younger-looking skin.


Bitter Cherry seed oil

As a young boy I was encouraged to eat wild bitter cherries traditionally believed to protect and relieve muscle pain and I was actually very happy with this! However besides my memory of these Mediterranean traditions I am sure you are well aware of the antioxidants contained in the cherry family. Within this joyful and colourful family, bitter cherry provides many health and beauty benefits for the skin too. It’s in fact ideal for mature skin with a slower rate of cell turnover. Bitter cherry provides a boost for cell regeneration and can also help treat uneven pigmentation from too many years in the sun.

Bitter cherry has a remarkable ability to nourish, moisturise and improve skin elasticity. It also balances pH levels and is high in oleic acid and vitamins A & E, hence excellent for dry and mature or lined skin.

This amazing gift of nature also contains an unsaturated fatty acid called eleostearic that can partially prevent UV absorption by forming a barrier on the surface of the skin.

How could have I not picked this precious fruit as an ingredient for my Line Softener Intensive Formula?

 Barley_in_SloveniaBarley Grass

This nutrient-packed “green food” contains 20 times the amount of Vitamin E compared with wheat. No wonder it has earned its reputation as a superfood with its powerful nutrient profile and high alkalinity!

Glutathione is a small protein composed of three amino acids. This enzyme is said to help slow the ageing process and in fact is produced in abundance in young people. As we “gracefully” age all our processes slow down and we don’t produce as much glutathione as earlier in life, therefore this gifted green grass with its anti-oxidising enzyme can help slow down our ageing process.

The high chlorophyll content of barley grass brings vital oxygen to the skin cells as well as all the other organs of course.

Did you know that the skin ‘breathes’? Well, barley grass helps the skin to stay vibrant, radiant and well oxygenated hence young young young!


Clinically tested Line Softener Intensive Formula unveiled

Intensive Line Softener Jar+Box









We are very proud to launch our NEW Line softener Intensive Formula!

 Exciting results from clinical trials show that in just 56 days of use:

100% of women tested experienced intensely hydrated skin

95% of women found their skin smoother and more elastic

70% of women saw a visible reduction in the total surface area, length, number and depth of their wrinkles

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Q&A with Dr Mariano Spiezia – Inlight skincare formulator

Dr M Spiezia 300x300

What prompted you to create the INLIGHT range and why should a medical doctor decide to formulate and produce a line of skin care?

Having been trained in Homeopathy and Clinic Phytotherapy as well as in Medicine and Surgery, I’ve been able to observe the functions of the human body from different angles. My observations have totally confirmed Dr Hering’s law (doctor & homeopath who introduced homeopathy into the USA in the 1800s) ‘‘the vital energy within the body works from the inside to the outside in order to clear inner toxicity’’.

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