Clinically tested Line Softener Intensive Formula unveiled

Intensive Line Softener Jar+Box









We are very proud to launch our NEW Line softener Intensive Formula!

 Exciting results from clinical trials show that in just 56 days of use:

100% of women tested experienced intensely hydrated skin

95% of women found their skin smoother and more elastic

70% of women saw a visible reduction in the total surface area, length, number and depth of their wrinkles

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Q&A with Dr Mariano Spiezia – Inlight skincare formulator

Dr M Spiezia 300x300

What prompted you to create the INLIGHT range and why should a medical doctor decide to formulate and produce a line of skin care?

Having been trained in Homeopathy and Clinic Phytotherapy as well as in Medicine and Surgery, I’ve been able to observe the functions of the human body from different angles. My observations have totally confirmed Dr Hering’s law (doctor & homeopath who introduced homeopathy into the USA in the 1800s) ‘‘the vital energy within the body works from the inside to the outside in order to clear inner toxicity’’.

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Check the labels: ALS (Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate) in Skincare

Check-the-labelWith so many companies making claims about being free from this, or free from that, it often appears that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to “safe cosmetics”.  There are buzz words and phrases used by skincare companies to imply that they are free from potentially harmful chemicals.  “Free from SLS” and “Free from Parabens” are some of the most common, and although I highly advise that you look for products free from parabens and SLS, I also recommend that you look a little closer at all the ingredients… Continue reading

Unveiling Inlight Supreme Eye Serum

Inlight Supreme Eye Serum for product page

We are proud to launch our most precious product yet:

Inlight Supreme Eye Serum.

Light as silk, super-charged and sparkling with its own trio of precious gemstones, this exquisite serum delivers exceptional regeneration to the delicate eye area, working to plump, firm and smooth the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and illuminating your eye contour with timeless radiance.

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New Year’s New You in 7 days

spring_detox-2Another fascinating year has gone by and here is my suggestion for a resolution that will put your body right, after the holiday’s “indulgence”…

Don’t you find that when you are most relaxed, comforted by the company of your friends and family and freeing your mind you tend to indulge more with eating and drinking?

Our body, when relaxed, can take more in, but once the holiday is over… we are left with a few more pounds (if we are lucky) and that sluggish, bloated feeling. Not to worry though.  It doesn’t take long to get back to normal with a few little tricks to cleanse the liver and lose some weight.

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Dr.Spiezia: Why I love and use Calendula

calendulaCalendula (marigold or calendula officinalis) is one of the most loved flowers I used and I still use, both in my medical herbalist practice and in the Inlight organic skin care product formulations.

I have always been attracted by its simple shape, its radiant colour and power: a little joyful “sun” hidden in the green of the meadows, spot of light stolen from the sky during the sun set.

You cannot pass by a beautiful orange calendula flower in the wild without taking a double look. It is one of those plants that can’t go by unobserved.

It belongs the Asteraceae (from Latin aster = star) family and is originating from North Africa. Its botanical name “calendula” comes from Latin “calendae” meaning the first day of the month: in fact the marigold can flower nearly every month from spring to autumn. Others think that the name calendula comes the Greek kalàtos meaning basket, because of the shape of its flower head. Continue reading

The Beauty of Midwinter

Porthleven Storm by Istock“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.”
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We cannot allow the winter blues to diminish our joy and the vision of beauty surrounding us. Of course, grey sky, chilly wind and rain can affect us, but let’s use our inner strength and ability to adapt to the winter’s conditions, without complaining too much!

In winter, Nature uses its energy to reinforce the roots of plants and trees by reducing the lymph towards the branches. Exactly the same happens to us: we are more prone to reduce our external activities and use our energy to plan ahead our future, especially in December when we look back to see what we have achieved.

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Cosmetics: what impact do they have on our environment? a study by Dr.Spiezia


The use of cosmetics is now an integral part of our civilization and our “image” of ourselves, our physical appearance, has acquired an almost absolute value in our communications with the world around us.  


The words of the legal description of the term ‘cosmetic’ are actually becoming a reality: “substances and compounds, as distinct from medicines, designed for the external surfaces of human body…to modify its appearance..”.

 So appearance is becoming increasingly more important than our true and innermost being, and our inner values are being swapped or exchanged for the cult of outward appearance, determined by mass-media and advertising which are more interested in business and profit than in people’s health. Continue reading

The Power of Plantain


Working from a lab in the remote Cornish countryside, is a constant source of inspiration for me. The Lizard is a wild and beautiful place, and my lunchtime strolls always bring a smile to my face, (especially when the sun shines!).

People are often surprised at how many natural ingredients used in my products grow wild, often within metres of the Inlight front door. Even during the colder months, spear like leaves of Plantain thrusting skyward through the pasture: It is usually considered a weed, as it often grows on lawns and driveways, but it is actually very special.

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Bio-lipophilic Matrix®: the heart of all Inlight skincare products

Bio-lipophilic Matrix is the term given to a specific mix of pure vegetable oils (cold pressed and organically certified) that are selected for their fine biochemical affinity on a lipid level with the human skin. Such oils are empowered using special techniques developed by Dr Spiezia, Inlight organic skincare formulator, to give them a unique energy imprinting and a “positive conditioning” as well as a high vibrational charge.Spirale della vita 2

This mix has been developed to give back to the skin the essential natural elements it needs to be nourished and regenerated. It also aids the skin’s biochemical, physiological and immunity process which in turn encourage the skin’s exchanging, absorbing and detoxicating activities.


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