Bio-lipophilic Matrix®: the heart of all Inlight skincare products

Bio-lipophilic Matrix is the term given to a specific mix of pure vegetable oils (cold pressed and organically certified) that are selected for their fine biochemical affinity on a lipid level with the human skin. Such oils are empowered using special techniques developed by Dr Spiezia, Inlight organic skincare formulator, to give them a unique energy imprinting and a “positive conditioning” as well as a high vibrational charge.Spirale della vita 2

This mix has been developed to give back to the skin the essential natural elements it needs to be nourished and regenerated. It also aids the skin’s biochemical, physiological and immunity process which in turn encourage the skin’s exchanging, absorbing and detoxicating activities.


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It’s Summer! how can we better protect and nourish our skin?

77In summer the skin becomes a very important organ to cool down the body and to keep the internal temperature more stable through the sweating. During this process many mineral salts are lost and the vitamin’s turnover increases.

In addition, the skin increases its detox function, releasing internal toxins produced as a result of the higher metabolic rate. One more reason to keep the skin clean and well nourished, using products which respect its hydrolipidic layer and help it to ‘breathe’ properly.

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Happy & energetic skin

Often when we are not well, or tired or unhappy, the skin becomes opaque and without “energy”. When we are good and happy our skin glows and we feel part of Nature. Just a mirror of what we are!

Our skin is not only a superficial sheet that envelops our body, it is a “live” organ with a deep connection to the tissue beneath, through the lymphatic and blood vessels, the metabolic exchanges, and also to the entire body. It expresses our energetic body connected with our surrounding energetic environment. When the skin is cleansed and detoxed it can breathe better and irradiate subtle energetic waves coming from inside or perceive them when coming from outside.

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