Our tips for great looking skin this summer

How to look good this summer

Summer has arrived, blue skies and bright sunshine are on the horizon and we all want our skin looking its best through the summer months.

If you’re anything like us you’ll grab every moment you can to be outdoors through the summer. This is one of the joys of the warmer weather but it brings with it a fresh set of challenges for our skin. From being out in the sun to swimming in the sea, our skin will go through a lot if we enjoy summer to its fullest.

That’s why we’ve put together our tips for having great looking skin this summer, from eating a balanced diet to making sure you give your skin time to recover through better sleep.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Eat the rainbow

No, we don’t mean eat lots of Skittles! Eating a varied diet, full of natural, organic, colourful ingredients will do wonders for your skin, your body and your wellbeing. Make sure your diet includes a medley of fresh veg as this will give your immune system a boost, improve your energy levels and give you wonderfully clear skin. Try to avoid processed foods and foods packed with sugar as the chemicals in them will lead to impurities in your skin.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps to flush toxins and waste products from our body, prevents dehydration, and helps us look better, too. Start your day with a glass of water with some freshly squeezed lemon in it. This will kick-start the detoxification of your skin each day. Healthy skin is hydrated skin so if you want your skin to look good you have to drink plenty.

  1. Exercise more

Regular exercise helps improve physical, chemical and emotional health. And by making us feel good, it helps our skin look good. Exercise is something our bodies crave and frequently don’t get enough of. It’s a great way to let off steam and reduce stress as well as helping our body release endorphins which make us feel good. Regular exercise isn’t about getting sweaty in a gym, it can be anything from a lunchtime walk to cycling to work.

  1. Sleep better

There’s a reason it’s called a beauty sleep! The body goes into repair and recovery mode when it sleeps. By sleeping better you’ll be giving your skin chance to recover and retain its healthy glow rather than looking tired and drained. If you have trouble drifting off why not try our Organic Night Balm? It’s full of ingredients that means you’ll wake up to beautiful, glowing skin.

  1. Treat your skin to oil

Whether it’s our daily face oil or our body oil, the regular use of oil on your skin this summer will help protect it, nourish it and let its beauty shine through. Water will refresh your face in the hot weather but oil will cleanse and nourish it. Once you try our daily face oil as part of your skincare regime, you’ll never look back!

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Notes from Dr SpieziaTeam Pic-10

Some clients and patients often ask me why they should use oil on the skin…  

The answer is very simple: if you use water would you be able to clean you face from dead cells and pollutants or simply from the skin impurity? As we say above, you can use water to refresh your face but not to cleanse or nourish it!

This summer, after a swim in the sea or in a swimming pool, have a shower and use an organic body oil to replenish the skin of pure and natural and oils, massaging it onto the skin until absorbed: they will mimic the effect of the natural sebum, produced by the skin sebum glands.

Alongside this, once a week have a deep face cleansing using a facial mask to gently exfoliate the epidermis and in the same time to nourish the skin. Inlight superfood mask is great for it, combining a delicate and natural exfoliation with an anti-oxidant and nourishing action!

Ditch your after-shave for a soothing oil

men-shavingGood news!
Men are becoming more conscious of looking after their skin, it is almost a trend rather than a taboo. Feeling and looking good is important for men and women alike, but is there a real difference in targeted skincare?

Skin in Men and Women is indeed very different, this is mainly due to hormones:

- Men’s skin is up to 20% thicker than women’s and contains more collagen fibres making it more dense and resistant. It has less adipose content resulting in a reduction in softness and suppleness.

- Men are more prone to the inflammation of skin follicles and acne.

- The Skin’s PH: men’s skin has a value of 4.5 (more acidic because of the higher lactic acid) whilst women 5.8. This preserves men’s skin from bacteria but makes it more prone to irritation and inflammation

010363-ilt-faceoil-co-247x300Inlight Skin Care is great for both women and men but one particular product, our Daily Face Oil, has been chosen by Dr Spiezia (and many of our customers)  as the perfect moisturiser and ‘after shave’ :

Often after shave products are alcohol based which dry the skin, chemical fragrances they contain can produce skin irritation and allergies, and the preservatives can get through the skin’s lesion in to the body, following the use of the razor.

Oils are always the best solution and organic is even better. You just need to change your habits for the perfect healthy skin.

 Morning shaving is always a little task for men: if you do it as soon as you wake up, the skin is supple and soft and shaving is simple and goes smoothly. If you wait too long the skin starts to dry up and shaving can leave the skin with some damage.

Therefore the sooner the better. You can also use an organic oil to moisten and prepare the skin for the razor blade, and you can also use the same or similar oil as after shave, especially if it contains astringent essential oils or specific soothing botanical extracts. I use Inlight Daily face oil: it is a fantastic 100% organic oil, based on jojoba oil (highly moisturising and nutrient), infused with rose buds (astringent), rose hip shell (anti-oxidant), vanilla pods and blue mallow flowers (soothing and calming).

The smell is divine and the feeling is great. The oil sinks in quite rapidly calming down any irritation. You need only a few drops and the skin will thank you every time you use it.

Dr M Spiezia



Feel great & Look Great: Vegetarian diet and Skin



Dr Spiezia and his family have been vegetarian for nearly 30 years.
The reason? 

-To protect our planet and our environment, including its creatures.
Less meat = more green and clean enviroment

-To be healthier and have more energy
-To prevent premature ageing
-For peace: most vegetarian animals are peaceful, hopefully humans too!

Eating a balanced vegetarian diet helps keeping the skin, our biggest organ, healthy and clear. This is due to the richness of anti-oxidants, chlorophyll, beta-carotene and vitamins found present within it.

All these help reduce the ageing process which in turn make you feel happier with yourself! Anti-oxidants are also known to reduce the risk of cancers.

einsteinSome people think a vegetarian diet can be ‘boring’ and that it will not give you enough strength to deal with your day to day tasks, but when you look closely at many athletes, including Olympic medallists, you will find a lot of them have shun away from meat. It just shows that that right diet can really improve you physical and mental being.

Many iconic figures were vegetarian such as Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Buddha, Pythagoras, Plato and Leonardo da Vinci. Many famous people today have opted for a vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle; Among the names are Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Woody Harrelson , Leo di Caprio, Brad Pitt…that’s just a few! It’s almost become a healthy trend, which is great!

A few tips:
1)Adding nuts and seeds in your everyday diet will add a ‘vital’ glowing feel to your skin as these are full of Omega 3/6 as well as vitamin E.

2)Make sure your vegetables,fruit and nuts are organic to reduce the risk of accumulation of pesticides in the body.

Use this week to try out new recipes with friends and feel great in the process!


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Get your skin ready for the Summer season

shutterstock_217888879It’s time to get your skin ready to look its best for the sunny season.

Dr Spiezia has a few tips for you to ‘awaken’ the skin ready for the summer


One of the problems, after a long winter where we are constantly covered by layers of clothing, is that the skin can lose tone and appear flabby and weak.

This is partly due to the cold: the blood vessels nearest the surface shrink, resulting in a lack of blood supply and nutrients – this impairs the production of elastin and connective tissue.

Moreover, in winter we tend to eat more fats and carbohydrates and fewer vegetables, reducing our intake of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

So, to combat this, here are a few steps to tone and awaken the skin ready for summer: – 

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12 steps for happy cleansing – inside and out

woman_apple_1First of all: Happy new year to you all!

The question is: what is happiness?

As a doctor I always wish to all my friends a “healthy” New Year knowing that without good health it is very difficult to be happy and enjoy what life offers us as a daily gift.

Hard to start January full of stamina and energy mostly used to cope with excess of food, sugar, alcohol and lack of sleep.

The more we eat or drink the more energy we spend on digestion and the excess of food often becomes fat that sort of clogs our system with toxins and debris. This is the reason for feeling sluggish, with a non-sharp-non-sparkle head and a dull, dehydrated skin.

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Organic pampering for sun-kissed skin

nj_medical_spa_ethosspa_by_gloriamckelvy-d5zroylAs you may know the skin is strongly connected with the brain, through millions of nerve endings. Every day an enormous number of messages are sent from the epidermis to the brain and spread into different areas, resulting in a chain reaction, including an emotional response.

Many of these messages stimulate memories from our childhood, when we were cuddled and when the sense of touch was extremely important; both to give us security and for the right development of the brain, character and body identity.

This is why the word “pamper” is often used in the skin care industry to describe the effect of cosmetic products, but actually, to be fair, many of these positive sensations come from the skin stimulation itself, when applying creams or oils. Of course, if the skin stimulation is done using top quality ingredients with beneficial effects, the final result is greater than the stimulation only, producing an amplified effect. The expression “pamper yourself” is therefore correct when describing the emotional/physical status provoked from the application of a cosmetic, especially if done in a specialised environment, such as a spa (or…your home spa!).

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Skin and Sun Protection

We all know how lovely the sunshine is, especially after long wintery grey days. Often we crave for sunlight because of its many positive actions on our life – such as helping to produce serotonin, (the happiness hormone), stimulating the immune system or converting Vitamin D into its active form, enhancing the health of our bones.

daisy for web














But sun protection is important for our skin’s health. During the summer the light is much more intense and we are at risk of over-exposure to UV rays: they damage the skin, oxidizing the epithelial cells (free radicals), making them prone to inflammation and the ageing process, altering their DNA.

 Another risk is the loss of water due to heat, sweating and swimming in the sea. Sea water with its high salt content dehydrates the skin: the skin becomes harder, less elastic and opaque.

Many recent discoveries identify in the carotenoids family the best free radicals “scavengers”: alpha, beta and gamma carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin: they can be taken orally or applied to the skin through good organic skin products.

Carrot, cherry, pomegranate and tomato juice are some great examples of best summer skin friends. The other family of naturally-occurring “friends for the skin” are the Essential Fatty Acids, particularly Omega 3 and Omega 6, but not forgetting Omega 9: these all keep the skin moist and soft, reduce damage from UV rays and make the skin glow: a wonder from Nature.

Skin and sun protection













The key to healthy, calm skin when it’s exposed to the welcome sunshine lies in looking after its natural lipid barrier, so underneath your daily SPF give your skin enough antioxidant protection to help neutralise free radical damage to the skin’s collagen.

Avoid soapy cleansers and harsh exfoliators and keep skin well moisturised and cool all day long. If your skin is very sensitive use a body oil even before the shower during the summer months to reduce stinging as the water hits your skin. Always shower with lukewarm water. Avoid exposure to direct sunshine between 11am and 4pm if you want to prevent skin irritation.

Add to your wash bag my Inlight Daily Face Oil, Body Oil with Arnica, Night Balm and Super-food Face Mask. Don’t go anywhere without them!

Dr Mariano Spiezia


Tackle the ageing process in style: Inlight Organic Supreme Eye Serum

At Inlight Organic Skincare, we believe that skin ageing is a normal, natural and inevitable process: everything in life follows this change and it is important to face it with positivity and honesty. If we observe the seasonal mutation we can see for example how after the flowers bloom in spring – synonymous with youthful energy- everything starts to decline in autumn, losing colour, vitality and hydration; heading off to winter time where the cycle seems to end.

By better understanding the reason behind the ageing of our skin and its physiology it may seem easier to prevent and treat what appears to be an aesthetic problem – but is not, as it is rooted in the ageing process of the whole body,

Ultimately the main problems as we grow older are dehydrated skin (due to loss of water) reduction of elasticity (due the inability of the fibroblasts to produce enough elastin and collagen), reduction in production of melatonin hence the skin can be more easily damaged by UV rays, and finally reduced production of sebum resulting in dryer skin. All these are endogenous factors, but there are also external and environmental factors such as pollutants, excessive sun exposure and bad habits such as poor physical exercise, junk food, alcohol and smoking.  The sum of all these factors produces a high level of oxidants (free radicals) that damage the DNA/RNA and proteins, resulting in a thicker skin and loss of elasticity.

The eye contour, with its delicate skin, is one of the most vulnerable areas thanks also to the continuous activity of the orbicular muscles as laugh, cry and squint in the sun, creating micro-wrinkles commonly known as crows’ feet. (In Italian these are called “hen’s feet” and I wonder if it is because Italian women are more exposed to the sun, so that we needed a bigger animal than a crow to express it?)

My response to this problem has been the formulation of an extraordinary product for the eye area: Inlight Supreme Eye Serum.

Inlight Supreme Eye Serum for product page

It took nearly two years of research and trials but in the end I found the perfect point where science and alchemy meet. A wonderful challenge!

I have chosen some of the best oils such as the exotic Argan and Wild cherry seed oil, famous for improving skin elasticity and reducing water loss, by creating a natural hydrolipidic barrier. To deal with the free-radicals I decided to include Spirulina algae and barley extract that both supply chlorophyll with their high anti-oxidant action, bringing life and solar energy into the skin. And finally to help the production of elastin I have added Gotu Kola and Horsetail extracts.

Inlight Supreme Eye Serum targets the most common causes of the skin ageing process, helping to nourish and replenish the skin and slowing down the signs of time.

With Inlight there are ways to extend our springtime! 

Before moisturising, apply one drop once or twice daily onto the area around the eyes, including the eye lids, massaging very gently until absorbed.

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Dr Mariano Spiezia


Anti-ageing skincare for men

Inlight Organic Daily Face Oil 30mlInlight Organic Daily Face Oil – Dr Spiezia’s recommended product for use after shaving


When we talk about ageing, generally we think that this problem relates only to women…well, men get older too and nowadays there is much greater awareness because of the impact of man’s “image” in society: more and more often this is driven by exterior aspects and communication trends.


 It is important to take care of the skin, no matter the aesthetic or health reason behind it, simply because the skin is part of our body and, as a proper “organ”, needs attention.

I have also to underline that there are important differences between women and men’s skin due to the impact of the hormones, oestrogen and testosterone, on its characteristics: mens’ skin is up to 20% thicker and contains more collagen fibres making it more dense and resistant, but has less adipose content resulting in a reduction in softness and suppleness. Men are also more prone to the inflammation of skin follicles and acne. Another difference is the skin’s pH: men’s skin has a value of 4.5 (more acidic because of the higher lactic acid) whilst women 5.8. This preserves mens’ skin from bacteria but make it more prone to irritation and inflammation… without forgetting that when men shave daily they damage the skin’s protective hydrolipidic layer on the face.

All these, combined with the different hormone cycles, mean that in men the ageing signs come later in life but once they start they progress more quickly than in women and the lines appear deeper and more evident.

Maybe men start later in life, generally after 30, using skin care products but whatever the starting age this is an important step to preserve the quality of the skin especially if they live in polluted areas or are exposed to strong weather elements.

Inlight organic skincare can help men to achieve optimum results in preventing both skin inflammation and ageing, supplying the skin with many powerful botanical anti-inflammatory and natural anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene, Vitamin E and chlorophyll.

The Inlight Cleanser and Floral Face Tonic are a winning combination when used routinely every evening to cleanse the face from impurities and bacteria and then toning and refreshing it with the lavender and chamomile blended floral waters.

In the morning, choose silky, delicate Inlight Daily Face Oil as your after shave oil, as I do, to moisturise and nurture the skin, ready for another beautiful, successful day.

Dr Mariano Spiezia 

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My Commitment to Safe Skincare

Yes to LifeI still remember the day in 2001 when I went, with my wife Loredana, to a meeting held in local hospital here in Cornwall. The meeting was about women who had received surgery for breast cancer. The atmosphere was gentle and everybody was talking and commenting on their personal experience. I was very touched by some of the stories I heard; of the strength of the women, their positive attitude, sense of community, and their ability to transform their experiences into personal growth. Continue reading