It’s Summer! how can we better protect and nourish our skin?

77In summer the skin becomes a very important organ to cool down the body and to keep the internal temperature more stable through the sweating. During this process many mineral salts are lost and the vitamin’s turnover increases.

In addition, the skin increases its detox function, releasing internal toxins produced as a result of the higher metabolic rate. One more reason to keep the skin clean and well nourished, using products which respect its hydrolipidic layer and help it to ‘breathe’ properly.

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Bowel with a brain!

Our bowel is one of the most vital organs in determining good health. The finger-like intestinal villi, whose job is to absorb nutrients, increases the surface area of the intestinal wall to 400m². These villi may often become inflamed because of inappropriate diet, junk or toxic foods, drug and alcohol abuse, insufficient physical exercise, anxiety and stress, all of which result in an impaired ability of the villi to absorb nutrients and a change in the delicate balance of “friendly” bacteria in our gut. We house more than 400 different types of bacteria busy producing vitamins and immunoglobulins to protect our inner environment.

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