Organic pampering for sun-kissed skin

nj_medical_spa_ethosspa_by_gloriamckelvy-d5zroylAs you may know the skin is strongly connected with the brain, through millions of nerve endings. Every day an enormous number of messages are sent from the epidermis to the brain and spread into different areas, resulting in a chain reaction, including an emotional response.

Many of these messages stimulate memories from our childhood, when we were cuddled and when the sense of touch was extremely important; both to give us security and for the right development of the brain, character and body identity.

This is why the word “pamper” is often used in the skin care industry to describe the effect of cosmetic products, but actually, to be fair, many of these positive sensations come from the skin stimulation itself, when applying creams or oils. Of course, if the skin stimulation is done using top quality ingredients with beneficial effects, the final result is greater than the stimulation only, producing an amplified effect. The expression “pamper yourself” is therefore correct when describing the emotional/physical status provoked from the application of a cosmetic, especially if done in a specialised environment, such as a spa (or…your home spa!).

During the summer time the body, face and skin in general are exposed much more often to the elements, particularly the UV rays, resulting in the thickening of the skin. Therefore it is a good skin care practice or routine to gently exfoliate in order to deeply cleanse the skin, especially the face.

superfood mask 1

Personally I don’t like strong exfoliation: it damages the epidermis and stimulates an excess of skin sebum production as reaction.  For this reason I studied and formulated the recipe for our award-winning and very effective product, the Inlight Organic Super-Food Mask. This mask gently exfoliates (using baobab powder), replenishes the skin (jojoba, rose hip and carrot oils) and “fights” free radicals with highly anti-oxidant super-foods (spirulina and barley grass powder).

If you need a more nutrient action where the skin is dry, tired and opaque I advise the other best-selling mask: Inlight Organic Chocolate Mask which also has a mild exfoliant action (baobab powder), highly nourishing properties (argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil) and the enveloping, nurturing action of pure raw cocoa powder.

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Use once or twice weekly spreading the product on your face and gently massaging it all over skin (remember you are “pampering” yourself!), leave it on for 10-20 minutes and then wipe away using an organic cotton pad or muslin soaked in Inlight Organic Floral Face Tonic.

Your skin will look, feel and be vibrant, refreshed, toned and …sunny: you will keep the summer light on your face for a long time!

Dr Mariano Spiezia