Feel great & Look Great: Vegetarian diet and Skin



Dr Spiezia and his family have been vegetarian for nearly 30 years.
The reason? 

-To protect our planet and our environment, including its creatures.
Less meat = more green and clean enviroment

-To be healthier and have more energy
-To prevent premature ageing
-For peace: most vegetarian animals are peaceful, hopefully humans too!

Eating a balanced vegetarian diet helps keeping the skin, our biggest organ, healthy and clear. This is due to the richness of anti-oxidants, chlorophyll, beta-carotene and vitamins found present within it.

All these help reduce the ageing process which in turn make you feel happier with yourself! Anti-oxidants are also known to reduce the risk of cancers.

einsteinSome people think a vegetarian diet can be ‘boring’ and that it will not give you enough strength to deal with your day to day tasks, but when you look closely at many athletes, including Olympic medallists, you will find a lot of them have shun away from meat. It just shows that that right diet can really improve you physical and mental being.

Many iconic figures were vegetarian such as Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Buddha, Pythagoras, Plato and Leonardo da Vinci. Many famous people today have opted for a vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle; Among the names are Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Woody Harrelson , Leo di Caprio, Brad Pitt…that’s just a few! It’s almost become a healthy trend, which is great!

A few tips:
1)Adding nuts and seeds in your everyday diet will add a ‘vital’ glowing feel to your skin as these are full of Omega 3/6 as well as vitamin E.

2)Make sure your vegetables,fruit and nuts are organic to reduce the risk of accumulation of pesticides in the body.

Use this week to try out new recipes with friends and feel great in the process!


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Get your skin ready for the Summer season

shutterstock_217888879It’s time to get your skin ready to look its best for the sunny season.

Dr Spiezia has a few tips for you to ‘awaken’ the skin ready for the summer


One of the problems, after a long winter where we are constantly covered by layers of clothing, is that the skin can lose tone and appear flabby and weak.

This is partly due to the cold: the blood vessels nearest the surface shrink, resulting in a lack of blood supply and nutrients – this impairs the production of elastin and connective tissue.

Moreover, in winter we tend to eat more fats and carbohydrates and fewer vegetables, reducing our intake of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

So, to combat this, here are a few steps to tone and awaken the skin ready for summer: – 

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Under Eye Revive – unveiling a new “gem”

 After months of trials a new product is ready for the market!

Under Eye Revive 15ml_Box and Jar (300x200)Fascinated and intrigued by many requests for a new eye product I embarked on the new challenge: dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

The unbearable morning look of dark shadows and puffiness around the eyes can’t be blamed on the skin only!

Over the years of my medical practice I have noticed how stress, bad habits, – and of course the inevitable passing of time – influence our eyes and their contour, often producing dark circles and what we commonly call puffy eyes.

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12 steps for happy cleansing – inside and out

woman_apple_1First of all: Happy new year to you all!

The question is: what is happiness?

As a doctor I always wish to all my friends a “healthy” New Year knowing that without good health it is very difficult to be happy and enjoy what life offers us as a daily gift.

Hard to start January full of stamina and energy mostly used to cope with excess of food, sugar, alcohol and lack of sleep.

The more we eat or drink the more energy we spend on digestion and the excess of food often becomes fat that sort of clogs our system with toxins and debris. This is the reason for feeling sluggish, with a non-sharp-non-sparkle head and a dull, dehydrated skin.

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Autumn-Winter beauty


I am passionately interested in observing the transformation that Nature goes through in its transition from summer to wintertime…

Everything starts to slow down; the colours change their brightness, the leaves start to become reddish, then brown, and then fall – returning to the soil where everything started… This is the eternal cycle of Life where, according to the Physic Law of Mass Conservation, mass is neither created nor destroyed, but only transformed.

What seems to be the beginning of the end is in reality only a rest for a new beginning later on, in spring time.

Autumn’s transmutation also begins to take effect in our bodies, with the withdrawal of vital energy from the outside in order to protect the important inner organs from the cold, in order to keep them warm. Consequently the skin becomes paler, with a reduced blood supply, becoming more prone lacking in nutrients, and possibly looking more flaky, dehydrated or aged.

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Organic pampering for sun-kissed skin

nj_medical_spa_ethosspa_by_gloriamckelvy-d5zroylAs you may know the skin is strongly connected with the brain, through millions of nerve endings. Every day an enormous number of messages are sent from the epidermis to the brain and spread into different areas, resulting in a chain reaction, including an emotional response.

Many of these messages stimulate memories from our childhood, when we were cuddled and when the sense of touch was extremely important; both to give us security and for the right development of the brain, character and body identity.

This is why the word “pamper” is often used in the skin care industry to describe the effect of cosmetic products, but actually, to be fair, many of these positive sensations come from the skin stimulation itself, when applying creams or oils. Of course, if the skin stimulation is done using top quality ingredients with beneficial effects, the final result is greater than the stimulation only, producing an amplified effect. The expression “pamper yourself” is therefore correct when describing the emotional/physical status provoked from the application of a cosmetic, especially if done in a specialised environment, such as a spa (or…your home spa!).

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Skin and Sun Protection

We all know how lovely the sunshine is, especially after long wintery grey days. Often we crave for sunlight because of its many positive actions on our life – such as helping to produce serotonin, (the happiness hormone), stimulating the immune system or converting Vitamin D into its active form, enhancing the health of our bones.

daisy for web














But sun protection is important for our skin’s health. During the summer the light is much more intense and we are at risk of over-exposure to UV rays: they damage the skin, oxidizing the epithelial cells (free radicals), making them prone to inflammation and the ageing process, altering their DNA.

 Another risk is the loss of water due to heat, sweating and swimming in the sea. Sea water with its high salt content dehydrates the skin: the skin becomes harder, less elastic and opaque.

Many recent discoveries identify in the carotenoids family the best free radicals “scavengers”: alpha, beta and gamma carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin: they can be taken orally or applied to the skin through good organic skin products.

Carrot, cherry, pomegranate and tomato juice are some great examples of best summer skin friends. The other family of naturally-occurring “friends for the skin” are the Essential Fatty Acids, particularly Omega 3 and Omega 6, but not forgetting Omega 9: these all keep the skin moist and soft, reduce damage from UV rays and make the skin glow: a wonder from Nature.

Skin and sun protection













The key to healthy, calm skin when it’s exposed to the welcome sunshine lies in looking after its natural lipid barrier, so underneath your daily SPF give your skin enough antioxidant protection to help neutralise free radical damage to the skin’s collagen.

Avoid soapy cleansers and harsh exfoliators and keep skin well moisturised and cool all day long. If your skin is very sensitive use a body oil even before the shower during the summer months to reduce stinging as the water hits your skin. Always shower with lukewarm water. Avoid exposure to direct sunshine between 11am and 4pm if you want to prevent skin irritation.

Add to your wash bag my Inlight Daily Face Oil, Body Oil with Arnica, Night Balm and Super-food Face Mask. Don’t go anywhere without them!

Dr Mariano Spiezia


Check the labels: ALS (Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate) in Skincare

Check-the-labelWith so many companies making claims about being free from this, or free from that, it often appears that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to “safe cosmetics”.  There are buzz words and phrases used by skincare companies to imply that they are free from potentially harmful chemicals.  “Free from SLS” and “Free from Parabens” are some of the most common, and although I highly advise that you look for products free from parabens and SLS, I also recommend that you look a little closer at all the ingredients… Continue reading

The Beauty of Midwinter

Porthleven Storm by Istock“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.”
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We cannot allow the winter blues to diminish our joy and the vision of beauty surrounding us. Of course, grey sky, chilly wind and rain can affect us, but let’s use our inner strength and ability to adapt to the winter’s conditions, without complaining too much!

In winter, Nature uses its energy to reinforce the roots of plants and trees by reducing the lymph towards the branches. Exactly the same happens to us: we are more prone to reduce our external activities and use our energy to plan ahead our future, especially in December when we look back to see what we have achieved.

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The Power of Plantain


Working from a lab in the remote Cornish countryside, is a constant source of inspiration for me. The Lizard is a wild and beautiful place, and my lunchtime strolls always bring a smile to my face, (especially when the sun shines!).

People are often surprised at how many natural ingredients used in my products grow wild, often within metres of the Inlight front door. Even during the colder months, spear like leaves of Plantain thrusting skyward through the pasture: It is usually considered a weed, as it often grows on lawns and driveways, but it is actually very special.

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