Check the labels: ALS (Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate) in Skincare

Check-the-labelWith so many companies making claims about being free from this, or free from that, it often appears that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to “safe cosmetics”.  There are buzz words and phrases used by skincare companies to imply that they are free from potentially harmful chemicals.  “Free from SLS” and “Free from Parabens” are some of the most common, and although I highly advise that you look for products free from parabens and SLS, I also recommend that you look a little closer at all the ingredients… Continue reading

The Beauty of Midwinter

Porthleven Storm by Istock“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.”
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We cannot allow the winter blues to diminish our joy and the vision of beauty surrounding us. Of course, grey sky, chilly wind and rain can affect us, but let’s use our inner strength and ability to adapt to the winter’s conditions, without complaining too much!

In winter, Nature uses its energy to reinforce the roots of plants and trees by reducing the lymph towards the branches. Exactly the same happens to us: we are more prone to reduce our external activities and use our energy to plan ahead our future, especially in December when we look back to see what we have achieved.

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The Power of Plantain


Working from a lab in the remote Cornish countryside, is a constant source of inspiration for me. The Lizard is a wild and beautiful place, and my lunchtime strolls always bring a smile to my face, (especially when the sun shines!).

People are often surprised at how many natural ingredients used in my products grow wild, often within metres of the Inlight front door. Even during the colder months, spear like leaves of Plantain thrusting skyward through the pasture: It is usually considered a weed, as it often grows on lawns and driveways, but it is actually very special.

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It’s Summer! how can we better protect and nourish our skin?

77In summer the skin becomes a very important organ to cool down the body and to keep the internal temperature more stable through the sweating. During this process many mineral salts are lost and the vitamin’s turnover increases.

In addition, the skin increases its detox function, releasing internal toxins produced as a result of the higher metabolic rate. One more reason to keep the skin clean and well nourished, using products which respect its hydrolipidic layer and help it to ‘breathe’ properly.

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Squalene in skincare -


Let’s have a close look at what squalene is and why it is so sought after.

 In Italian “squalo” means shark and “squalene” is a compound found in the liver of this wonderful marine creature. At the beginning of the last century, a Japanese scientist was studying the amazing immune resistance of sharks and found the answer in this special molecule found in their livers: “squalene”.

 It was discovered that squalene, an unsaturated hydrocarbon, releases oxygen when mixed with water. Squalene is lighter than water itself – with a specific gravity of 0.855 – and this helps the shark (which has no swim bladder) to reduce its body density underwater and improve  its flotation.

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Argan Oil: Traditional Medicine & Luxury Cosmetic Ingredient

argan-oilArgan oil is exceptional, rare oil produced by pressing the kernels of the fruit of the Argan tree, which grows mainly in the semi desert regions of Morocco. For centuries it has been used by the indigenous Berbers, for its cosmetic, nutritive and medicinal properties. To make a litre of pure Argan oil you need 32 kilograms of fruit. Continue reading

My Commitment to Safe Skincare

Yes to LifeI still remember the day in 2001 when I went, with my wife Loredana, to a meeting held in local hospital here in Cornwall. The meeting was about women who had received surgery for breast cancer. The atmosphere was gentle and everybody was talking and commenting on their personal experience. I was very touched by some of the stories I heard; of the strength of the women, their positive attitude, sense of community, and their ability to transform their experiences into personal growth. Continue reading